About Us

What We Do

Engage is a boutique brand agency based in Toronto, Ontario. Engage prides itself on acting as an exclusive in-house branding agency for Indiva Inc.

We started in 1999 when print was still the dominant force. Along the way, we witnessed the changes in web, mobile and social media and learned how to use technology to tell a story. Today we deliver comprehensive brand loyalty programs across all media to help clients build meaningful brands.

We specialize in all areas of marketing and brand development and our clients range from individual business owners to large international corporations.

Over the past 3 decades we have created and executed branding and marketing programs for over 100 startup companies world-wide.


Our work has been recognized domestically and internationally in some of the world’s most prestigious award competitions such as Graphis Magazine - Zürich, Switzerland and The Advertising & Design Club of Canada, among others.

Selected awards:

2018 – Indiva Brand Nominated for Best Cannabis Brand in Canada by Lift & Co.
2010 – WORLD “Best of Continent” (Americas)
2008 – Bronze Summit Creative Award
2001 – Gold New York Award of Merit
2001 – Gold Maple Leaf Award
1999 – Silver Art Directors Club of Canada

Who We Are

Tomasz Borowicz
Tomasz Borowicz, President, Creative Director

Over the past 30 years, Tomasz has developed brands for an ever-increasing client base, always with an emphasis on the integrated communications approach that has propelled his clients to achieve highly effective marketing goals. Having worked in Europe and Canada, Tomasz is sensitive to the subtle cultural nuances required to work effectively in global markets. He combines the sophistication of European aesthetics with the commercial imperatives of North America, to create a strategically targeted corporate presence for each of his clients.

Marek Birner
Marek Birner, Copy Writer

Marek is an experienced copywriter specializing in slogans and taglines. He has worked for marketing and advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett and Quadrant Marketing. He delivers quality, not quantity. Less is More.

Marcin Mazur Rusak
Marcin Mazur Rusak, Digital Marketing Director

Marcin’s advertising experience ranges from bootstrap start-ups to public Cannabis companies, specializing in developing strategies for both online and traditional campaigns. Getting a start in writing for various publications in Canada, Marcin has been working in communications for nearly a decade.

Binnie Cheng
Binnie Cheng, Graphic Designer, Web Developer

Binnie is not only a web developer with more than 10 years of experience, she also brings a wealth of knowledge about online marketing and advertising. Having worked full-time for companies like Yahoo and Sina, her knowledge and expertise in online marketing is invaluable. Her technical skills include HTML, CSS, WordPress Development and Graphic Design.

Working With Us

The advances in technology closed the gap between small and large advertising firms and the geographic reach of the larger agencies is no longer relevant.

So, what does working with a boutique agency mean? It means working with an agency who consistently adapts their methodology to fit the needs for each specific project or client. It means working with an agency who works hard to stay ahead of innovation, who maximizes their resources and actually listens to what you need versus telling you what their time-tested methodologies have proven. It means to accept the new Darwinism, for the large agencies are no longer the fittest.

How Can We Help You Grow
A well crafted brand and communication strategy can do more than simply help you stand out from competitors. It can help you break away entirely. We work with you to understand your top line short and long term strategic objectives. The investment you make in creating or enhancing your brand and the creative ideas firing your marketing materials should help you create real value in achieving your corporate goals.

Even The Sky Is No Limit
You want to be noticed. You want to turn heads in your direction. You want the double take (or even the “double click”).

To do this you need to offer a “nice surprise”, a way of getting attention and giving rewards to the attentive.

How can we help you get your message across?
We’ll help you get your message across not by giving you what you want but by giving you something you never expected. And, of course, it will be what you needed all along.

The Impact Of Engagement
We are both, knowledgeable of and sensitive to the subtle cultural nuances required to work effectively in multiple or global markets.

We combine the sophistication of European aesthetics with the commercial imperatives of North America, to create a strategically targeted corporate presence for each of our clients.