Welcome to Engage

Engage is a boutique marketing and advertising agency in Toronto. We started in 1999 when print was still the dominant force. Along the way, we witnessed the changes in web, mobile and social media and learned how to use technology to tell a story. Today, we deliver brand loyalty programs, through strategy and design that resonate with resounding clarity and foresight in all media. We focus on marketing, advertising, branding, web and digital strategy.

Our Latest Projects

The advances in technology are closing the gap between small and large advertising firms and the geographic reach of the larger agencies is not as important as it used to be. Despite these advances, large agencies with higher bills to pay, are still charging much more money than their smaller rivals.

So, what does working with a boutique agency mean? It means working with an agency who consistently adapts their methodology to fit the needs for each specific project or client. It means working with an agency who works hard to stay ahead of innovation, who maximizes their resources and actually listens to what you need versus telling you what their time-tested methodologies have proven. It means to accept the new Darwinism, for the large agencies are no longer the fittest.

How Can We Help You Grow

A strategic marketing expressed through powerful advertising can do more than simply help you stand out from competitors. It can help you break away entirely. Increasingly, we see winning companies transforming their lead into a full speed of brand driven “mind share momentum” that leaves runner-up in the dust.

We work with you to understand your top line short and long term strategic objectives. The investment you make in creating or enhancing your brand and the creative ideas firing your marketing materials should help you to create value and achieve corporate goals.

Even The Sky Is No Limit

So you want to be noticed. You want to turn heads in your direction, you want the double take (or even the “double click”).

To do this you need to create a “nice surprise”, a way of getting attention and giving rewards to the attentive.

How can we help you get your message across?

Not by giving you what you want. But by giving you something you never expected. And, of course, it will be what you needed all along.

The Impact Of Engagement

We provide integrated marketing and advertising programs to clients worldwide. We are both, knowledgeable of and sensitive to the subtle cultural nuances required to work effectively in multiple or global markets.

We combine the sophistication of European aesthetics with the commercial imperatives of North America, to create a strategically targeted corporate presence for each of our clients.